Insurtech as a service

Highly Technological Structured Microservices Insurtech Platform.
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We Are


Over the years we have developed, tested and implemented the most innovative technologies aimed at the distribution of Insurance Policies through B2C platforms. Get now our top quality Insurtech APIs: They’re powerful, stable and easily maintainable.

We Can


Jump into the Insurtech! ARON provides the most powerful technology for your structure even if you’re on the other side of the world. Our solution allows the integration of any Insurance product and of course, you are completely free to choose in what channel.

We Execute


We surely know that time is money.
ARON gives you an infrastructure solution turnkey within weeks, equipped with the most lovable Brand Identity. Also if you feel like you want to change something on your project, we re-build it fast.

Our numbers

We Believe In

Cyber Security

Security ain’t a joke, we all have the necessity to have our data protected. We utilize Amazon RDS as our PaaS database service of choice. The RDS database is encrypted using keys managed with AWS KMS.
All traffic between our platform and users of the system (both administrators and end-users), is encrypted using industry standard SSL, using signed SHA2 certificates issued with AWS Certificate Manager.
Communication with external providers is encrypted with HTTPS and pass though the AWS API Gateway, with the authentication protocol called OAUTH2.0.


Insurtech Platform

Our software is a highly scalable microservices infrastructure developed by our team, whom is made of Computer Science Engineers, Full-stack Developers and Designers. Our pricing calculator and customer analysis algorithms have been developed internally and registered at the SIAE authority.

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ARON is a MioAssicuratore SRL‘s project.